MIX UP - PLANKS - Collection

Pilote² - Planks Aesthetics and respect for the environment

Multi-format colour for workspaces

Multi-format colour for workspaces

Pilote² - Planks, central to the range, classic, with vivid tones, this product aims to banish gloominess and bring more colour into your workspaces.  With classic office design slowly becoming a thing of the past, Balsan decided to offer an attractive textile solution that perfectly suits new trends:  Pilote² - Planks.

With its 100% regenerated Econyl yarn, Balsan brings both aesthetics and environmental awareness into the office sector.  The composition of Pilote² - Planks is 100% solution-dyed polyamide, making it easier to clean and demonstrating good resistance to discolouration.  With 6 colours available, Pilote² - Planks is supplied with a BBack backing and has an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration).

A++: maximum acoustic quality!
  • Did you know? Acoustic performance is one of the six essential requirements covered by the European construction products directive.
  • Carpet is the best performing flooring type for sound insulation, as well as comfort, style and safety.
  • Balsan broadloom carpets and carpet tiles have an A++ rating, the highest level of acoustic protection. 
It’s time to break the rules!
  • The era of big, uniform carpets spread across every floor is over!
  • With their colours, patterns, materials and mixtures of plain effects, patterns and formats, carpet tiles and strips and broadloom carpets break up monotonous spaces, demarcate your interiors, design paths, create islands and much more besides.
  • Carpet strips can also be laid in chevrons like parquet. A way to make your meeting rooms stand out, perhaps?
  • To help you design your flooring, you have access to our digital Design Studio app and the experts in our Design Office.  
A durable floor covering? 3 ways to prove it!
  • Maintenance? Wear? Discolouration? Full Colors solution-dyed polyamide textile floorings fit the bill on all three counts:
    • 1) They are easy to care for as the solution-dyed fibres absorb stains less and are more resistant to cleaning products.
    • 2) Polyamide carpet tiles and strips offer an incomparable defence against trampling, flattening, and friction.
    • 3) The solution-dyed polyamide fibres retain their colours over time and are more resistant to light. 
Econyl®, the recycled fibre which gives the sea a helping hand!
  • Over the years, so many nylon fishing nets have accumulated on the ocean floor, posing a threat to fish and marine life.
  • In partnership with Aquafil, our long-standing supplier of polyamide thread, Balsan recycles old fishing nets recovered from the sea. 
  • The Econyl® regeneration system depolymerises the nets and transforms them into nylon fibres which are then reused in Balsan’s 100% made in France multi-format broadloom carpets, carpet tiles and strips.
  • Your company can do its bit by choosing an environmentally-friendly carpet by Balsan!
Sizes and colors available
6 colours
Pilote² - Planks - BBack
44 colours
Pilote² - BBack
Pilote² Sonic Confort - Feltback with recycled polyester
6 colours 6 à partir d'1 carton
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MIX UP - PLANKS - Collection
MIX UP - PLANKS - Collection
Loose lay 960
SYMBIANCE Collection

Technical details


100% regenerated solution dyed nylon ECONYL®
Carpet in planks, loop pile
Weight of pile
580 g/m²
Total weight (g/m²) - NF ISO 8543
4200 g/m²
Total thickness
5.8 mm
Height of pile
2.6 mm
Gauge - NF ISO 1763
Tightening - NF ISO 1763
165900 points/m²
Impact noise insulation
ΔLw 26 dB
Airborne noise absorption
αω 0.15
Antistatic velvet
Thermal resistance
< 0,15 m² C°/W


N° Green Label Plus: 
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