LVT ASPECTA by Balsan Collection

Tarascon 30.2 x 141.8 cm A floor woven like wickerwork

The period charm of parquet flooring revisited

The period charm of parquet flooring revisited

You'd think that only a virtuoso parquet craftsman could have achieved this effect. In reality, these large LVT planks (302 x 1,418 mm) are composed of small, pre-assembled elements, making installation very simple. Once installed, this LVT flooring creates a Scandinavian-style pattern inspired by wicker, giving the impression the planks are intersecting and the floor is braided. Classic and casual at the same time, the Tarascon design creates a feeling of well-being, softness, even kindness. Wonderful sensations to find in an apartment, a hotel room or an open-plan office. All the more so as this LVT floor, which is 8-mm thick with extremely realistic relief, benefits from all the qualities of the Aspecta Contours collection, in particular thermal insulation, underfoot comfort and insulation against contact noises. Qualities guaranteed for 20 years!

LVT flooring, a mellow warmth for hotels and homes
  • LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) floorings are naturally soft and warm as they have the benefit of being able to absorb ambient heat much more quickly than a stone floor. From the moment you wake up, place your bare feet on a Balsan carpet and make your way from the bedroom to the bathroom without worrying about the early morning cold. After work, head straight for the soothing haven that is your living room and revel in its cosy warmth. 
  • Insulating and high-performance, our LVT tiles and planks can be laid on a heated floor and will be your new best friend; you’ll want to use them in every room. 
  • Vinyl is a durable flooring option that will meet all your requirements for residential and hotel flooring, even in the kitchen.
  • Don’t put it off any longer! Give yourself the gifts of peace of mind and simplicity at home with our vinyl floorings.
LVT, the new generation accessible and high-performance modern flooring
  • Symbiance LVT flooring has unique superior qualities which make it an excellent choice for meeting all your needs and requirements at home or in public places: schools and offices or health, cultural, leisure and transport facilities. 
  • Install top-of-the-range, stylish and luxurious LVT modular flooring and create a look that is truly exceptional while looking after the health and wellbeing of the people you care about, and all without blowing the budget! The Symbiance collection of LVT planks and tiles guarantees a reasonable price for superior quality, for homes and public spaces. 
Keep the air clean with durable vinyl floorings
  • Those plastic floorings that were popular in the 70's are out the door! The vinyl tiles and planks in Balsan’s LVT flooring collection are a real solid, healthy and practical alternative to laminate floorings and other linoleums.
  • The Symbiance collection offers LVT flooring solutions with a total VOC rate at 28 days of less than 250 µg/m3. This performance is mainly due to the lack of formaldehyde emissions. In addition, a protective layer makes it easy to clean modular LVT flooring, reducing the use of detergents, which are sources of Volatile Organic Compound emissions. This makes LVT perfect for laying in interiors used by young children (playrooms, crèches, leisure centres, etc.).
  • Our Click, Dry Back and Loose Lay flooring solutions have been tested in conformity with EU and international legislation to guarantee enduringly healthy indoor air quality.
Mix & Match: the latest flooring trend is a big relief!
  • Originally from the fashion world, the Mix and Match trend quickly spread to interior design and can now be seen in flooring too. Unlike the all-over look, which can often be seen as too conventional, combining styles brings relief to your flooring by mixing colours, patterns, formats and materials.
  • You can now use flooring to give your interior spaces a unique creative energy: create destructured flooring using Balsan carpets and LVT planks and play around with textures and colours. Are you up for the challenge?
  • Create carpet inserts and circulation areas, which will also help improve the acoustics of your interior space.
  • Tiles, planks, carpet or LVT, multi-coloured or monochrome floor, at home or in the office… now’s your time to shine!
Sizes and colors available
30,2 x 141,8
8 colours
Tarascon 30.2 x 141.8 cm -
8 colours 8 à partir d'1 carton de 2 m2
Tarascon 30.2 x 141.8 cm
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Moquette Tarascon 30.2 x 141.8 cm ALPIN701
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Pose Half Drop plank
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90° 180° 270°
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Technical details


Total weight (g/m²) - NF ISO 8543
8980 g/m²
Total thickness
8 mm
Impact noise insulation
ΔLw 18 dB
Antistatic velvet
Thermal resistance
< 0,074 m² C°/W


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LVT ASPECTA by Balsan Collection
LVT ASPECTA by Balsan Collection
LVT ASPECTA by Balsan Collection


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