Access Solutions, Balsan’s solutions for clean and better protected buildings

Access Solutions is a collection of modular entrance mats. They have been designed to protect your buildings from exterior dirt. Using a barrier system made up of three separate zones, starting outside and ending inside, Access traps dirt and moisture at the doorway. Straightforward and easy to lay, Access Solutions improves the functionality of building entrances.


1. Exterior Zone

The first part of the system is Access 1, which is placed at the exterior of the building’s access points. This tile has scraping properties, retaining gravel and large dust particles (as well as snow and sand).

To enhance the performance of Access 1, choose Access 1 Brush. This tile is also placed outdoors, but under cover (porch, etc.).

These 20x20cm tiles create a protective barrier outside your buildings.



2. Primary Interior Zone

Our Access collection also offers protective solutions for laying indoors: Access 2 This 20x20cm tile is laid immediately inside the building’s access points. Its composition allows it to perform the double function of brushing dirt and absorbing moisture. Easy to lay, this part of the system is often set into a matwell or recessed.


3. Secondary Interior Zone

Access 3 Progression is laid in the building’s secondary interior access zone. It is a textile tile measuring 50x50cm, which is composed of 2 different pile sizes, performing a dual function: a scraping action to capture the last specks of dust, combined with an absorption function to retain remaining humidity. This product has a U3SP3 classification, which guarantees a high level of resistance to stains and to heavy traffic.

As well as creating an extremely effective protective barrier, the Access Solutions Collection is environmentally friendly. It is primarily composed of 100% regenerated Econyl polyamide yarn and contributes points towards LEED certification.

Protect your surroundings with Access Solutions.

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