Balsan’s green factory.
Sustainable development is one of our main concerns. Discover the second edition of “The Green Spirit of Balsan”.

Balsan respects natural balance through its creations by combining colours, designs and aesthetics whilst respecting the environment. 

Sustainable, environmentally friendly design
It is in keeping with this idea that Balsan quite naturally seeks to preserve the balance of its local environment. Situated in the heart of the Berry region near Châteauroux forest, Balsan has long since striven to continuously improve the environmental impact of its two factories, both of which hold Environmental Protection classification.

Balsan’s early commitment to sustainable development, which was sealed with the first edition of “The Green Spirit of Balsan”, formed part of a genuine long-term approach with an ambitious main aim: to ensure that our products and activities evolve and adapt in ways that do 
not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Educating now for a sustainable future
Balsan has a partnership with the French National Forests Office (ONF) and is involved in raising awareness amongst pupils at Arthon primary school – the village where our broadloom carpet factory is based – about issues such as protecting the environment and, in particular, the importance of the forest that surrounds them. For Balsan, this operation is an expression of its commitment to environmental protection: on the one hand through reforestation with oak varieties that are better suited to the current climate, and on the other hand by inviting children to participate in a fun and educational project. 

In our second brochure, “The Green Spirit of Balsan - Season 2”, discover how Balsan is developing, pursuing and meeting its environmental objectives as it transitions to a circular economic model that turns “disposable” into “sustainable”.