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MIX UP, shaking up tradition

Have fun & style with Balsan ! The new Planks flooring is available in four styles. 




Mixing things up is where it's at these days, and Balsan's team of designers has their finger on the pulse. Balsan lets you turn your flooring into a statement. And modular flooring options are just the thing for the job. We love how easy it is to mix and match colours and shapes to create new effects. Let the mixing 'n' matching begin!

Balsan is breaking away from tradition with this innovative solution that creates texture and depth and lends a quirky touch to your textile flooring. The idea is to mix different effects, prints and colours, and even create your own patterns through the way the flooring is laid. The creative possibilities are endless!
This collection is also highly practical, allowing you to section off spaces without using partitions or walls. The floor is used as an imaginary boundary to create different fun spaces.
Choose which way you want to lay the planks down: stripes, chequerboard, pathways, chevron, asymmetrical, or touches of colour. 

 This new format measures 25 cm wide and 1 m long and is a real game-changer. The creative possibilities are endless, and you can even pair it with the classic 50 x 50 cm square tiles to create a sense of rhythm.

Rediscover five of our best-sellers in plank format, available in 26 colours.

  • Jungle - Planks, bold lines running energetically through buildings. Composed of 100% regenerated Econyl yarn, this product is available in 9 colours. A perfect partner for Boléro – Planks.
  • With Boléro – Planks, Balsan trumps gloominess. Available in 9 different colours, this is a beautiful plain-coloured carpet, designed to bring style and an eccentric natural feel to your service sector spaces. This 100% polyamide tile is composed of 1030g/m² Saxony yarn.
  • Pilote² is also available in plank format. With its 6 colours and Econyl 100% regenerated yarn, Balsan brings both aesthetics and environmental awareness to the office sector.  Composed of 100% solution-dyed polyamide, say hello to easy cleaning and resistance to discolouration.

The latest products available in plank format come from the same Macro Micro – Canopy to Bark Collection.

  • Vision – Planks takes us nearer to the trees to see the intertwining branches up close. Balsan has used 100% regenerated Econyl yarn to create this carpet with a reduced environmental impact. The solution-dyed yarn used in this carpet plank offers high resistance to discolouration.
  • Zoom HD - Planks draws inspiration from the purity of bark to capture its irregularities and make them its own.  This carpet plank has also been designed to be environmentally friendly. Composed of 100% solution-dyed regenerated Econyl yarn, it is resistant and easy-to-clean.

MIX UP lets you put your stamp on your flooring.

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