Paris Design Week 2021

For its fourth participation in Paris Design Week, Balsan is giving carte blanche to graphic designer Baptiste Vandaele.


The abundantly fertile world of graphic designer Baptiste Vandaele is full of wild animals, flowers and landscapes inspired directly by nature. Thanks to his wonderful collaboration with MAMA SHELTER, his creations and drawings can now be admired around the world. For Paris Design Week 2021, Baptiste is taking over the BALSAN showroom to recreate a lush, green and colourful forest.

As we edge our way out of the pandemic, what could be better than reconnecting with nature, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the designer? The forest is our closest biotope, and the one on which we have the biggest impact. Both Baptiste Vandaele and Balsan are strongly committed to a sustainable approach and, together, are paying tribute to the biodiversity of the forest to deliver a sustainable, desirable and colourful Paris Design Week!


Paris Design Week: 9-18 September 2021

Balsan Showroom

99 Rue de la Verrerie

1st floor

75004 Paris

Tel.: +33 (0)1 43 70 49 32