Actualidad medioambiental, colaboración de Balsan y la ONF (Oficina Nacional de Bosques)


brings nature into schools

In partnership with the ONF, Balsan is making children aware of how to protect the environment.

A (head)master-crafted project

"De sols en cimes" (from root to tree top) is a recurring action that consists in making the children at Arthon's primary school aware of how important their surrounding forests are. On 16 October 2015, the children got to work and took part in an acorn collection scheme, with a view to planting them in a nursery, then in the wild in the Bellevue forest, right near Balsan's factories.

The project plans to follow up with the children for three years, so they can see every stage of the tree-planting process. They will therefore be able to learn more about the world they live in but do not always understand, and will be taught environmental values.


A partnership, not a "one shot"

This operation also enables the children to become involved in a fun and educational project. For Balsan, it is a way of investing in environmental protection in the long term, as its benefits are highlighted among our future generations.

This plan for the future is however old news: our company signed an official convention with the ONF on 13 May 2008 at the Forest Centre in Lourouër and has honoured its commitments ever since. This actually resulted in a number of similar operations including having the children plant several sessile oak trees in surrounding areas.