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Textile flooring creator

Designing comfort for your living areas

There is just a small step between ideas and reality!

Don't hesitate to take it by opting for Balsan's customisation tool, to decorate your rooms differently.


Balsan has had textile fibres running through its DNA for nearly three centuries.

Not only do our collections adorn your floors beautifully, but they also convey precious know-how.


"Balsan, the green factory"

Balsan respects natural balance through its creations by combining colours, designs and aesthetics with respect for the environment.


Carpet, more than a simple floor covering!

Boasting limitless creativity and a certain graphic boldness, there is an element of surprise in every Balsan creation.


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Inspiration patines deco erosion

Time's footprint 

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Driving forces

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Inspiration polaire deco aurore boreale

Winter sunshine

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The best of our designs brought together for our customers

Over time, Balsan has continued to stand out with its creative products and its cutting-edge industrial tools, while benefitting from the expertise built up by the team's long years of experience.