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Balsan: Footprint

It is in the heart of nature that you learn to preserve it best. 

Balsan has succeeded in flourishing as a company because throughout its history, it has lived with the times and predicted the future.

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An international company that invests in local projects

From the composition to the manufacture of carpets, Balsan makes a point of respecting the environment. Eco-design principles are common to each phase of production, which is based entirely locally. Thanks to its in-house water treatment station, Balsan is constantly improving its environmental management system and complies fully with various environmental standards (GUT, HQE, LEED, BREEAM, etc.).





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When industry and environment go hand in hand 

Since 1976, Balsan - a true pioneer in Sustainable Development - has taken many initiatives to preserve its natural environment. With a zero waste objective reached in 2013, a partnership with the ONF and the implementation of an environmental management system, Balsan is a widely recognised as active in helping to protect and change our planet. For example, local farmers turn part of the waste produced by our business into fertiliser for their crops.

In addition to drawing inspiration from nature, Balsan's focus is to respect and value people, both within the company and through our relationships with partners and suppliers. Its loyal staff are fiercely proud of Balsan being a 100% French manufacturer, a characteristic that has also won plaudits on the local economic scene.


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Eco-design and innovation, a winning combination

Our ranges are eco-designed and their environmental performance demonstrates the depth of our commitment. Long before the market declared its demands in the field of  environmentalism, Balsan commenced a partnership with its biggest supplier for an innovative scheme recycling polyamide fishing nets into carpet fibre. By combining a reduced environmental impact and improved performance, we created the  Super Sonic felt backing - also mostly made of recycled components.

Innovation after innovation, Balsan continually strives to leave a positive environmental footprint both for new products and for carpets at the end of their lifecycle.