DIALOGUE - BRUSH by Baptiste Vandaele

Since its creation, Balsan has constantly aspired to renew both its style and manufacturing techniques. This new collection is a dazzling illustration of this. It combines the talent of one of the most gifted designers and illustrators of his generation with cutting-edge technology that makes it possible for you to enhance his work and provides endless opportunities to personalise it. Reinvent all your hotel spaces with Balsan by Baptiste Vandaele!

Carte blanche for Baptiste Vandaele

Baptiste Vandaele, a designer and illustrator from Alsace, excels in creating decorative motifs with a playful, maximalist approach. For the Mama Shelter chain, he creates iconoclastic carpets, wallpapers and fabrics tailored to each hotel. In 2018, together with architect Tomáš Cerny and Czech pottery studio Hrdjovická Keramika, he created the Burning For tableware brand, which combines traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. In 2021, he took over the Balsan showroom for Paris Design Week. In 2022, decorator Oscar Ono called on him to create floor and wall coverings for hotel suites. And in 2024, he is embarking on a new collaboration with Balsan...

The spontaneity of a pen stroke

The creative approach behind this collection of carpets, carpet tiles and rugs is a graphic exploration by designer Baptiste Vandaele that focuses on hand-drawing, ink and paper. This virtuoso research has resulted in 12 strong, unique proposals, available in a range of scales to suit different projects. Through the close collaboration with Balsan, Baptiste Vandaele’s spontaneous pen strokes have been faithfully transcribed in textile fibres using digital tools and industrial print and tuft technologies.


From an idea to completion in a single step

Choose Balsan's personalisation option and carpet your space a thoroughly different way.

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