Moods 2024

Color your life in pastel


Softness with the return of pastel! 

At the start of the new year, Balsan sends a message of softness and comfort with its new "Moods 2024" color ranges, which expand three existing collections: Take a Walk, Stonage and Jungle-planks. Pigment powders, blue sky, pale pinks, mauve, soft greens and creamy yellows create new pastel sensations, with a spirit of serenity and benevolence.  Imagined by the Balsan design office, these subtle, sensory colors are created using the French manufacturer's centuries-old dyeing expertise. Discover these new shades in three collections:



Take a Walk

An air of softness blows over these office carpet tiles with 8 new colors in pastel tones that evoke the first mornings of spring. As vegetation timidly resumes its rights, the nuances of woodland flowers and tender leaves are blurred by a veil of frost or a light morning mist.



8 new soothing, calming tones enrich the vibrant palette of this structured textile tile. Shades of clay or volcanic earth, seemingly softened by time, washed out by alluvial deposits, veiled by oxidation. Subtly worked in tone-on-tone, these slabs can be combined to delimit spaces or create a soft ambience.



The color chart for these boldly lined slats is enriched with 8 tender, subtle new shades, evoking a welcoming, benevolent Nature. Together, these colors create a peaceful, unprecedented harmony of half-tones, punctuated by the irregular veins of the patterns.