Balsan partners with Masland for a new collection

Balsan and the American manufacturer Masland have come together to create two new models for your office: Layered Plaid and Twisted Lines.


The result of a partnership between two renowned international manufacturers, Layered Plaid and Twisted Lines offer a breath of fresh design air for your office. Whether you’re a fan of the tartan stitching of Layered Plaid or the graphic simplicity of Twisted Lines, the Masland by Balsan collection fulfils all your needs.

Perfect for work spaces, Layered Plaid and Twisted Lines combine technical advantages, including solution-dyed yarn for better resistance to discolouration and easier care, as well as maximum hold against high traffic and office chair wheels. The Masland by Balsan collection also respects the environment (GUT-certified with very low indoor air emissions).

Discover Twisted Lines and Layered Plaid now, the French-American carpet tiles blending elegance and design!