BIM by Balsan

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

BALSAN is joining in the BIM (Building Information Modelling) adventure, allowing us to join in the digital revolution that is underway in the building sector.
BIM is more than just a simple program or communication tool. It is a new online collaboration process which uses parametric digital 3D modelling of data and smart, structured information (3D images, technical data (weight, dimensions, acoustic performance, resistance, etc.) relating to installation, environmental data, etc). Compatible with Revit® and Autocad®.
It has four main benefits for those involved in a project:

  • It facilitates interaction between those involved in a project
  • It reduces costs and delays
  • It reduces the operating costs over the entire life of the project
  • It improves infrastructure management

Many Balsan products are already available at

See BIM by Balsan carpets.