Dare Your Dreams 6

Balsan spotlights the “Talento” of the Spanish students at IADE School of Design in its “Dare Your Dreams N° 6” booklet 

Viva España! Over the years, Spain has been enriched by a whole host of artistic and cultural influences. This has led to a luminous, elegant and sometimes wonderfully eccentric look that Stéphanie Bourgeois, Balsan’s Head of Collections, wanted to bring to a new collection of BALSAN carpets. A resoundingly successful exercise in style for IADE School of Design in Madrid!


IADE School of Design

IADE School of Design was founded in 1957 by a group of art teachers, heirs to the Bauhaus tradition of “creating by making”. Their aim: to share their experience as designers and to provide personalised training to each student. Courses cover technical knowledge, aesthetic sensibility, creativity, culture and art, technology and hands-on training.


Discover “Dare Your Dreams N°6” where Balsan shakes up prejudices, mixes generations, fosters diversity, leaves borders behind and welcomes young talent – to create a more poetic world!