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Dare Your Dreams collections - Booklets no.1 & 2

Every book has its own story. Every story rhymes with freedom. 

As freedom and creativity are unique, Dare Your Dreams is a collection specially designed to push back the barriers of creation. Never let other people's limits become your own!

Dare Your Dreams is a collection dedicated to professionals, architects and designers, who style the most beautiful hotels and most original places every day. Through this concept, Balsan gives a voice to the talents of tomorrow, offering them the possibility to express themselves via inspirational booklets. These volumes group together (according to theme) the works of numerous artists - be they newbies or experienced - with a view to creating imaginative and tailor-made textile flooring.

Balsan has achieved the expected, with 2 booklets published already: Talents no.1 in association with the School of Fine Arts of Lyon and Talents no.2 in association with the Olivier de Serres School of Applied Arts and Artistic Trades.

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Dare Your Dreams was inspired by Louis Vuitton's travel journals. Every book has its own story. Every story rhymes with freedom. One of Balsan's skills is that it dares to seize innovation in all its forms: technological, ecological and artistic. That is no doubt the key to its success. So, when the style manager Stéphanie Bourgeois suggested that the company delve into a sea of young talents, she was given carte blanche to collaborate with a school of fine arts. The challenge was to change habits... by including professional requirements. It is now your turn to make the works of art compiled in our talent booklets your own! From a list of 160 shades, 9 tuft supports with specific technical characteristics and countless patterns, choose the creation that will best reflect your company's spirit!


From an idea to completion in a single step

Choose Balsan's personalisation option and carpet your space a thoroughly different way.

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