Dare Your Dreams PRIO By Natacha Froger

PRIO – A meeting of minds with interior architect Natacha Froger

Natacha Froger is an interior architect. She is passionate about her job and is always full of ideas for new projects. As head of Atome, her portfolio includes the interiors of the Jules et Jim hotel in Paris, as well as Novotel hotels in Buenos Aires, New York, Shanghai and Lyon Confluence.

At the same time as she was seeking carpets to furnish an all-new venue, with little success, Balsan, always on the look-out for fresh ideas, was searching for a range of carpets to broaden its collection. They met and clicked. For the better…and for PRIO.

Balsan invited Natacha to design some carpets for them. She threw herself into this new venture with all her usual enthusiasm. The PRIO collection was born, its name reflecting four carpet ranges: Pavage, Ramée, Imago and Optique.