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Duo 1 collection

An original solution that meets expectations.

In his book La Phénoménologie du temps et prospective, Gaston Berger wrote: "Tomorrow is nothing like yesterday. It is a new day and depends only on us. There is more inventing than discovering to be done." These ambitious words have Balsan's designers the idea to create Duo 1, a creative solution in itself...

Since early 2010, people's interest in innovative and increasingly customised solutions has grown. Balsan's reaction to this new trend: a unique concept, specially created for the hotel industry and service sector areas: Duo 1, a tool for tailor-made carpets.

With its DNA as a common theme - colour - coupled with a desire to innovate through a range of all-new patterns, Balsan - with its Duo 1 range - makes it possible for customers to create their own flooring based on a combination of two colours and a pattern. 

It is all very simple in practice: choose amongst 120 patterns, select a combination of two colours in an eclectic colour chart and...your carpet is ready!

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The 120 patterns included in Duo 1 broach all styles and cultures, giving your rooms a sense of identity. All-new, modern rooms reveal themselves as part of 4 major themes: Actuel, with its wide range of lined and more or less regular designs, Académic, a more extrovert category full of flowery and baroque patterns, Nomade, a classification inspired by affirmed patterns namely found in bandanas, rosettes or stained-glass windows, and last but not least the "Insolite" theme made up of unstructured patterns. The point is to combine them for even more style! Duo 1 leaves you free to express yourself.


From an idea to completion in a single step

Choose Balsan's personalisation option and carpet your space a thoroughly different way.

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