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Duo 2 collection

A range that pushes back limits and embarks upon the conquest for space

Comfort and creativity combine in the heart of this Duo 2 collection - a free range, built from our customers' desires.

Exploring, seeing new things and pushing back limits to better conquer a plot of land on the other side of the sea... that is Duo 2's theme, conquering space. This range is the direct descendent of Duo 1 and pursues the same objectives: offering customised a textile response for the most distinguished rooms.

To do so, Duo 2 pushes back its limits with new and innovative suggestions: an alliance of 20 designs that take you on a trip through space, with an entire palette of refined colours.

For interiors that look like no other but suit you down to a tee, simply opt for Duo 2 with two intrinsic tones and a unique pattern.


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The Duo 2 collection is no assault on the skies; it is instead an invitation to play with volumes in the hotel and construction industries.  Duo 2 draws its inspiration from the graphic trend and partially from urban styles, whilst reworking plans and lines. It also looks at the infinitely small and infinitely big, thus adopting increasingly creative patterns.

Lines are drawn tighter, deformed, structures of softened with the sole purpose of creating textile floorings that are both fun and original, and thus a living area that has style and is pleasant.


From an idea to completion in a single step

Choose Balsan's personalisation option and carpet your space a thoroughly different way.

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