Collection Duo 4 moquette le curiosites

Duo 4 collection

5 themes, a whole range of moods

Cabinet of curiosities, Facet, Geek, Rétro, Watercolor…Duo 4 is a joyful compilation of trends captured in a split second. 

Trends come and go with time: the 60s had their gingham style, the 70s had their liberty print and the 80s had Colour Bloc material. As each blast from the past is worth working with, Balsan created Duo 4, a treasure chest worth opening!

Duo 4 is a wonderful combination of 20 original patterns that tell the most beautiful stories, and a myriad of 15 harmonious colours that create a unique mode of expression. Duo 4's designs can also be coloured with tones from previous Duo collections, for ultra-customised textile flooring.

Collection Duo 4 moquette le retro ambianceCollection Duo 4 moquette le curiosites detail

Associate, Combine, Design! Duo 4 contributes to the enhancement of your interior thanks to its many creative possibilities, through its 5 available themes: "Cabinet de curiosities", a wondrous and unrivalled marvel; "Facet", streaks of light and optimism; "Geek" that draws its name from the IT world; "Retro" and lastly "Watercolor", that resembles paintings on the floor. Duo 4 brings all the original style you need. 


From an idea to completion in a single step

Choose Balsan's personalisation option and carpet your space a thoroughly different way.

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