Effective project


Balsan is committed to the circular economy 

Balsan is committed to the circular economy and is taking concrete steps locally to preserve the environment by eco-designing its products, preserving resources, and reducing waste.

In today’s context of dwindling fossil-fuel resources, Balsan is actively participating in a large-scale European project named ‘Effective’ (supported by the American company Genomatica) alongside 12 other European manufacturers that notably include Aquafil, our yarn supplier, and a major partner.

The aim of the ‘Effective’ project is to develop a bio-sourced solution for producing polyamide, the essential component of carpets.

Find out more via this link: https://www.effective-project.eu/

Help us by taking the following survey: https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/EFFECTIVE20_Carpet_BALSAN_002