French Couture

Le chic à la française

Balsan will be unveiling its new French Couture collection at the end of June 2017. Inspired by Haute Couture, a truly French tradition, the collection is wholly designed and produced in France, at our Berry factories. 

There are two elements to the French Couture collection:   

  • Prêt à Porter, with 15 products in stock.

  • Tailor-Made, with 20 bespoke designs, available from 400m²


Using our special tool “Color my MBrodery” you can colour our tailor-made patterns or your own designs, letting loose your creativity and dressing up your projects like a true Grand Couturier.

Hand-sewn effects, reflections or patina weaves, your greatest challenge will be choosing from the vast array of possibilities and making the unique elegance of haute couture your very own.