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Upgrade your space - make it unique! Create an atmosphere and tell a story with Balsan’s inspiring and characterful designs.

This new format measures 25 cm wide and 1 m long and is a real game-changer.

In the second edition of Balsan meets our customers, Didier Fèvre and Jérôme Goyard from Fèvre Gaucher Architects and Stéphane Canivet, Contracting Manager for Immobilière du Moulin Vert discuss th

In this video, architect Philippe Krych and Virginie Fitoussi, associate director in charge of development for the company CG2 Conseil, explain why they chose Balsan products for the new CG2 Consei

The Balsan expertise 

The taste of challenge

A story of textile by Balsan. 

Seija Strand and Reetta Soikkala from Vallila Interior talk about their experiences with Balsan.

Recently, Spanish design has evolved to become luminous, elegant and sometimes even eccentric.

A retrospective of Sheila Hicks’s unique work “Lignes de Vie”, exhibited at the Pompidou Centre until 30 April 2018.

Inspired by nature, both minimalist and warm, practical yet colourful, the Swedish look inspired our Style and Design team to ask the budding designers at the famous Beckmans College of Design in S