New Pilote 3D designs

Notice of high creative winds

Balsan presents six exceptional new designs for the Pilote 3D office collection. Alizé, Mistral, Simoun, Sirocco, Tramontane and Zéphir are bringing a breath of fresh air to the Pilote 3D carpet tiles.

Inspired by different winds from around the world, these designs are available from 500 m² upwards. From the balmy tropics of the Alizé design to the impetuous Mistral familiar to the southern French, not forgetting the arid Simoun and Sirocco, nature presents an endless range of creative possibilities. Tramontane and Zéphir bring the collection to a close, with the first strongly inspired by the power of nature, and the second evoking with the exquisite lightness of the famously fresh, gentle breeze.

The Pilote 3D range is solution-dyed, which means that it is able to withstand even the most aggressive cleaning products. Don’t forget that the Pilote 3D tiles are made from 100% Econyl® regenerated polyamide.

Become a master of this indomitable force of nature by combining several different designs to fully customise your office spaces.