Paris Design Week 2018: Carte blanche for Laureline Galliot

From 6 to 15 September, Balsan is hosting the Dried & Soft exhibition by Laureline Galliot at its Parisian showroom. 

The artist has whipped up a series of brand-new designs on Balsan's Soft velvet pile carpeting especially for Paris Design Week.

The designer was inspired by traditional foliage-based patterns and dried leaves in particular, all set against the plush softness of Balsan's textiles - hence the exhibition's name!

In crafting her designs, Laureline Galliot is inspired by the world around her, and uses a touch-screen tablet to simplify shapes while retaining a down-to-earth feel. She uses digital painting tools to develop designs for all materials, including 3D printing, and has amassed a collection of pictorial representations of objects with a Fauvism-inspired flavour.

The works on display at the showroom unfold in a flourish of complementary plums and chestnuts, transforming the Balsan showroom into an ode to autumn.

Come and experience the exhibition for yourselves at our Paris showroom (4th arrondissement) until 15 September.