Paris Design Week 2023

William Amor takes over the Balsan showroom

For Paris Design Week 2023, Balsan has given William Amor carte blanche. The visual artist, who upcycles neglected materials and is known for his “Créations Messagères”, developed his "Symbiose" installation in our Paris showroom. This unique temporary display can be seen from 7 September until the end of the year at 99 rue de la Verrerie, in the 4th arrondissement.  

A poetic symbiosis

In "Symbiose" (French for ‘symbiosis’), the artist unveils his poetic universe and his commitment to biodiversity. He drew inspiration from the complex yet orderly structures of mushrooms and coral to invent an imaginary flora. Lines, curls and curves combine to form designs that are both sophisticated and simple. The artist’s use of colour is underlined by the hues of magenta he selected to recreate reliefs, shadows and volumes. "Symbiose" becomes an organic motif in which all structures intertwine, unite, mesh and unfold, creating a dreamlike, harmonious world.


Completely recycled supernatural flowers

Our company’s meeting with William Amor has led to a fruitful relationship. Based on his supernatural flower motifs, we have created a custom-designed carpet in perfect symbiosis with his world. It is made from Econyl® yarn, which contains 100% recycled materials, including nets recovered from the sea, thus echoing William Amor's artistic signature: making everyday waste and discarded materials aesthetically pleasing and poetic. In his scenography, scraps and offcuts from Maison Balsan's production bloom as flowers in the landscape of an organic carpet-city.


An environmental message

These messenger flowers are the beneficial fruits of a symbiotic relationship that will plant the seed of a new, fertile community — a seed represented by flowers in flight, with crystalline corollas, like mushroom spores floating off to new lands, bringing the promise of future positive relationships. The works in this botanical installation are made from plastic waste and litter collected by the artist.