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Talents no.2

An ingenious approach and a new perspective

As part of the Dare Your Dreams collection, Balsan launched a second booklet on customisation in partnership with the Olivier de Serres National School of Applied Arts and Artistic Trades.  

Focus on a smoothly handled project

The ENSAAMA (National School of Applied Arts and Artistic Trades) is a further education college that encompasses two entities - Arts Applied to the Industrial Sector and Artistic Trades. Covering most training courses in the field of design, ENSAAMA namely addresses product design, visual and audiovisual communication, lifestyle and the environment. Its lessons combine artistic culture and professional work, focusing on creativity and technical proficiency.

Férielle, Geoffroy and Lucy all have something in common - they study at ENSAAMA. All in their twenties, they already have distinct personalities, which show through in their creations. Thanks to their rigorous work, and as part of the Dare Your Dreams collection, they thought up complete projects, in line with the given constraints: creating a collection for the hotel industry, with patterns that comply with our image, using new industrial technologies.


More than a mere project, a true emblem

From the very beginning, innovation has been a part of Balsan's DNA: a company open to innovation in fields such as ecology, creation and technical skills. Motivated by a constant quest for renewal, Balsan's Style Team asked these young artists to give us their vision of our products. First time for them, undoubted satisfaction for us.