Timeless Collection


Balsan, the French creator of textile floorings, has inspiration for your decorative talent and temptation for your playful spirit.
With Timeless, dressing the floors of a hotel or office building becomes a game of patterns, shapes, colours, and, above all, style and sensitivity. Over a hundred original designs, grouped into six families, make for an extraordinary wealth of inspiration: from bang-on-trend stylings to the height of classic chic, from soothing natural sensations to exoticism coloured with ethnic patterns, the voluptuous richness of floral prints and the stunning optical effects of geometric shapes.

Born of Balsan’s artistic heritage, all the designs brought together in the Timeless collection are set apart both by their audacious creativity and their timeless style, designed to transcend the whims of fashion. This almost inexhaustible source of inspiration allows you to create unique floorings - composing your own colour palettes, changing the scale of your patterns as you please and selecting your own carpet textures. Don’t forget that you can link different patterns together, making child’s play of changes in mood and ambience.

To cap it all, Timeless is a game with no risks: test your creations online with our Design Studio visualiser, see them in place, compare them and change colours before choosing the design that suits your project, to be printed using high performance digital technology. And of course, you can count on
Balsan’s expert stylists to be there to help you at each step of the “Timeless Game”.

It’s time to play!


From an idea to completion in a single step

Choose Balsan's personalisation option and carpet your space a thoroughly different way.

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