Blue Diamond Hotel - Pologne

Nowa Wies 414 k. Rzeszowa, 36-001 Trzebownisko - POLSKA.
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  • A new sport and leisure complex (swimming pool, sports grounds, tennis courts, spa and wellness centre) in the suburbs of Rzeszów, a city in south-east Poland,
  • Its closeness to the rapidly expanding airport has led to a proliferation of top-of-the-range hotels,
  • In the hope of encouraging long stays, there is a demand for spacious interiors with a highly contemporary design,
  • A 4-star hotel with high-quality interior design products.


Balsan recommend’s:

  • Choice from the TOP DESIGN 100 quality range (with a base from The Best range) for the printing of designs customised to suit the suites,
  • A chic and modern style thanks to a choice of DUO designs,
  • A large range of interior designs with the potential for positive and negative contrasts in the designs’ colours,
  • The colours in the DUO range harmoniously complement the other elements of the interior design.


Products of this project