Danone - Paris

Place :
17 boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris - FRANCE.
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  • Renovation of a company restaurant measuring 460 m²,
  • Looking for red textile flooring similar to what is currently in place so as not to alienate users,
  • Floor surface that works with the different tones of existing light (warm tones from the wall lamps and ceiling lights scattered throughout the seating areas, cool tones from the fluorescent lighting in the self-service area and the natural light found in the aisles thanks to the skylights),
  • Enhanced acoustic comfort to absorb airborne sound: conversation, clattering trays, noise coming from the self-service area,
  • A textile solution that doesn't attract dirt,
  • Works (removal and fitting) to be carried out over a very short period of time (over a weekend).


Balsan recommend’s:

  • SHADES carpet tile in shade 560, featuring a mix of lines blending red, coral and brown hues,
  • The 560 shade interacts with different light intensities with warmth and energy,
  • Choosing SHADES carpet tile on Sonic Confort allows for airborne sound of 30dB to be absorbed. Noise is reduced for ease of discussion and a cosier atmosphere,
  • This structured bouclé fabric combined with the red colour offers a textile flooring choice that attracts very little dirt,
  • Quick fitting of tiles with a reduced fall rate.