Deloitte - Bruxelles

Berkenlaan 8A B- 1831 DIEGEM, BELGIUM.


  • Specialist financial and statutory auditor, financial communications support, due diligence services for mergers and acquisitions and financial management consultancy,
  • Renovation of office, meeting rooms and hallway areas,
  • Total surface area of site: 10 000 m²,
  • Fitting out of floors with a material that matched the minimalist, contemporary layout and furniture design.


Balsan recommend's:

  • A textile solution that is resistant to wear and comfortable for walking on,
  • Carpet with an adjustable linear pattern, using a tile format, to create the following dynamic effect: fine lines contrasting with wide stripes, to create a sense of linearity that is broken up,
  • Warm colours that capture the light, and ensure the areas that see high usage age well,
  • Minimum loss of carpet pile,
  • Choice of a value for money product, that is resistant and creates good acoustics,
  • Readily available carpeting required - that is in stock, time and supply constraints to be respected.