Inspiration deco fleurs velos amsterdam


A garden in your home

We look for them in the city, want them on fashion items and cherish them in our home – flowers make you feel energised and soothed at the same time. That is why Balsan wanted to adopt them in its collections. With Balsan, opt for a wild touch on your textile flooring!

Inspiration decor flowers bicycle blue
Inspiration decor flowers woman flower-printed dress
Inspiration decor flowers cherry tree Japan
Inspiration decor flowers river
Inspiration decor flowers plants statue

Associated colours:

Inspiration association colours decor emeraldInspiration association colours decor radiant orchid
Inspiration association colours decor molten lavaInspiration association colours decor wilted rose
Inspiration association colours decor mustard yellowInspiration association colours decor turquoise

With a folk and joyful vibe, flowers are making their way into buildings to liven them up! Retro restaurant terrace, romantic patio or designer reception - the chosen bloom gives the space its ambiance.  What you need to remember from this trend is that styles can be mixed. In a modern bohemian style, do not hesitate to combine flowery paintings, colourful ceramics and contemporary vases. In your offices, brighten up your meeting rooms and high-traffic areas with a few flowers strewn here and there. However, do not lapse into naivety; remember to stay simple to avoid a cluttered decor. You will no doubt hit the bull's eye with this new up-and-coming trend!

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