Irisium - Lille

Rue Rachel L'Emperueur, ZAC Euralille 2, 59000 LILLE, FRANCE.


  • High-quality development comprising 3 buildings for 1200 people,
  • Total surface area of the site: 7 850 m²,
  • HQE building: use of materials that meet the targets established by the HQE initiative (High Environmental Quality),
  • Assortment of ecological decorative materials which bring together nature, harmony, design and clean energy to produce a convivial and pleasant office environment.


Balsan recommend's:

  • Choice of economical Eco-Pilote carpet tiles, an eco-design version of the Pilote quality, a product widely chosen throughout the European market,
  • Eco-design product with 66% recycled fibres, in response to the developer's specifications,
  • Green, mottled colour with a good light reflection rating for better wear in high-traffic areas,
  • For passageway areas, a durable carpeting solution that is comfortable to walk on,
  • Very low wastage,
  • Using carpet provides a pleasant acoustic environment by absorbing air-borne sounds that are reflected off the flat and smooth surfaces found in large spaces such as these
  • Carpets in stock to meet deadlines and supply demands.