Le Roof - Arcachon

960 avenue de l'Europe 33260 LA TESTE DE BUCH, FRANCE.
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  • Vessel amidst a sea of pine trees, a building of wood and metal,
  • Multi-purpose complex with a hotel, health and medical centre, seminar rooms, and offices,
  • 1000m2 spa, a focal point for creativity,
  • Decoration based on the idea of an iceberg, hot/cold,
  • Rooms designed as colourful alcoves based on sensorial comfort,
  • Interplay of matt/shiny, textured/shiny, and neutral/colourful surfaces,
  • Several colour ranges,
  • Unique experience different from a standard hotel.


Balsan recommend’s:

  • Choice of a plain carpet going well with the decor,
  • Single colour that blends in well with all the colourful atmospheres,
  • High-quality carpet in accordance with the high standards of the finish,
  • Comfortable carpet that is pleasant walk on to counterbalance the coldness of the walls,
  • Using carpet gives pleasant acoustics which absorb the airborne noises bouncing off the smooth plane surfaces,
  • Use of standard products to optimise the supply budget,
  • Choice of room colours from the 32 colours in the SCENARIO collection and the 32 colours in the LES FIRST collection,
  • Choice of greys for circulation areas from the 18 colours in the SCRIPT collection.


Samit Aît-Ali

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