Matmut - Rouen

75 route de Lyons 76000 ROUEN, FRANCE.


  • Mutual insurance company for workers (Matmut), a variable contributions insurance company founded in 1961, governed by the Insurance Act,
  • Renovation of the company head office,
  • 800 m² of office space, hallways and reception areas,
  • Re-carpeting of the space with materials that respect the colour codes of the furniture and the brand signature: "Matmut insures".


Balsan recommend's:

  • A carpet textile solution that is resistant to wear and comfortable for walking on,
  • Carpet with a structured 'lined' effect to bring about a sense of dynamism,
  • Warm colours that capture the light and ensure the areas that see high circulation age well,
  • Minimum loss of carpet pile,
  • Choice of a value for money product, that is resistant and ensures good acoustics,
  • Use of readily available carpeting - that is in stock, time and supply constraints to be respected.


Products of this project