Mercure - Bourg en bresse

10 avenue de Bad Kreuznach 01000 BOURG-EN-BRESSE, FRANCE.
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  • Partial renovation of a 60-room hotel in a residential district,
  • Classical style rooms given a new contemporary style,
  • Smaller spaces than usual meaning the floor needs to balance out the perspectives,
  • Neutral flooring easy to combine with sober furniture,
  • Little touches of colour.


Balsan recommend’s:

  • Choice of a contemporary, not not too geometrical, design from the Duo collection,
  • Association of black and beige to create a neutral floor with touches of light,
  • Pattern designed to minimise off-cuts,
  • Made-to-measure carpet that is easy and quick to create,
  • Use of 1200-gramme polyamide for good acoustics and a carpet that is pleasant to walk on.