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Sozo Hotel - Nantes

16 rue Frédéric Cailliaud 44000 NANTES - FRANCE.
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- An exceptional site: a 19th century church was reconverted into a modern boutique hotel after 2 years’ renovation work,
- A charming, distinctive hotel with particular care paid to each individual space,
- Marriage of design and history in an authentic setting,
- Each room is a unique place, a link between the sacred and the secular,
- Understated, high-quality decor to highlight the architecture, volumes and materials, with the stained glass windows retained.

Balsan recommend’s:
- Plain carpet that glides gently beneath the feet and leaves the architecture as the star of the show,
- Acoustic rebalancing with a 28 dB (DLw) acoustic insulation product,
Unique colours,
- Emphasis on a clean, hygienic carpet.