Voiceworks - Almere

Vocieworks, Oplagestraat 1, 1321 NL Almere - THE NETHERLANDS.

Inspiration Grande Reference Office Origami Season Winter sortie conteneur

Inspiration Grande Reference Office Origami Season Winter exterieur batiment

- Voiceworks is a young, creative company that offers their clients innovative communications services to optimise their accessibility.
- VoiceWorks works with their clients’ communication flow from the cloud, directing and connecting businesses and users.
- Voiceworks is designing its own office and wants to create an open area.
- Voiceworks wants to create a few designated areas where you can relax, make short conference calls, or hold small meetings with colleagues.

Balsan recommend's:
- The customer wants to create an open area with different colours.
- They also want to create a unique design, using, if possible, two different but matching products. Therefore, we have matched the “Season – Winter” and “Origami” collections together.
- As the client wanted an industrial look, we advised grey and black as a starting point for the floorplan.
- The carpet tiles were also used to cover the walls, for acoustic reasons among other things.

Architect: Roosenboom Office

Building owner: Voiceworks

Fitter: Van der Loo - Apeldoorn

Tenant: Voiceworks