From ideas to reality

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  1. Select a design within the pattern library, define the number of colours it can contain and the creation's dimensions.
  2. Select the colours according to the suggested colour palettes.
  3. Save your creation and follow the instructions to finalise the order.
Choose a colour combination


132 cm x 132 cm
2 colours
Les palettes de couleurs sont disponibles en fonction de la surface
You must change colours to match selected palette.
DUO 2 Les BEST Close
Depending on the surface to be printed, you can use one or more colour schemes. Be inspired by our different textures. These will provide the foundations for all your creations. To find out more about Balsan’s textures, please see the data sheets below.
  • 396cm
  • 384cm
Tufted backing

Depending on the carpet surface to be printed, you can create your chosen design using one or more colour schemes. You will need accurate information about the space to be covered in order to customise your design with colour schemes suited to your project’s design brief.

Matching up tiles
132 cm x 132