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Nature's technique

Natural touch, mineral or energetic hues...Balsan drew its inspiration from feelings triggered by primary materials to launch a collection bordering on real life...

In the same vein as the Naturals collection (Along, Inca and Yucatan), Balsan offers the High Tech collection - a range based on natural materials. This is how two models, one of them a broadloom (Uno) and one of them a tile (Nordic) were born.

Uno and Nordic both play on appearances, and are unpretentiously beautiful, with their sisal and/or seagrass matting feel. Fairly similar in terms of characteristics, both carpets were essentially developed to provide offices with a plant-based atmosphere. Uno and Nordic can both be laid in individual homes.

The advantage of this High Tech range is its ability to adapt, both in terms of its natural, raw materials and its colours: Uno is available in 18 colours, from the most neutral to the boldest, and Nordic in 10 mineral tones. 


The High Tech collection mostly appeals to people thanks to its technical aspects: Uno and Nordic alike are resistant, polyamide carpets that can withstand desk chairs with wheels. When compared with sisal and seagrass matting, the High Tech range could win you over if maintenance is a priority for you. With the High Tech collection, you will achieve a natural look that is easy to clean!

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