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For fun and colourful floors.

Inspired by the confrontation between two fundamentally opposed seasons, the Season collection plays on a hot-cold atmosphere to create a graphic vibe in service sector areas.

Delve into a world of colour with this fun and bright collection! Season brings two essentially different elements together, playing on modularity and complementarity. They differ greatly in terms of climate, yet Balsan managed to associate them nonetheless, reinforcing them by adding a new component to the range: Season Lines, which plays on linearity. These three seasonal textile tiles can withstand high-intensity traffic, whilst preserving their resolutely colourful aspect.

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As a real decorative solution, the Season range will take you from winter to summer in the blink of an eye. And vice versa. Energy, vitality and dynamism are watchwords for these textile tiles, capable of creating truly unique floors. Slight preference for Winter? A palette of 25 neutral colours was created just for you! Do you prefer the sun? Use our 8 colourful touches to create a bright floor... with moderation of course! Summer is not suitable for flat-tint floors. With the Season collection, give in to the mix and & match trend!

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