Cinema Utopolis - Oss

Cinema Utopolis, Lievekamplaan 4-6 , Oss - NETHERLAND.


  • The Utopia Group, based in Luxembourg and owner of 19 cinemas in France and the Benelux, decided to completely restyle the Utopolis Cinema in Oss,
  • In business since 1978, the cinema is undergoing a complete make-over after embracing digitalisation,
  • The 5 rooms, with 822 seats, will be sporting a new décor with new carpets in the rooms and outside in the lounge areas,
  • Carpets should be eye-catching and suit a warm and modern interior.


Balsan recommend's:

  • Choice of patterns chosen by the interior designer relating to our special DUO Design collection: the overall DUO design in the rooms and the DUO circle pattern perfectly complement the rounded lines of the different floors,
  • Choice of Les Best: to create an attractive, colourful space at the entrance of each of the 5 rooms. The interior designer has chosen a bright colour out of Les Best 3,
  • To find an acoustic solution for the technical room, a top-quality Les Greens overlay was installed on the wall,
  • Quality carpet to ensure comfort and good acoustics in all 5 cinema rooms.


Architect: THouse Design Company
Buidling owner: The Utopia Group
Installer: Lavoir Projectinrichting
Tenant: Cinema Utopolis Oss

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