Inspiration patines deco erosion


Time's footprint 

The materials that surround us erode and acquire a patina. For Balsan, this is not a sign of ageing; it proves that things get better as they get older. This is why Balsan's stylists go with the flow of the textile, giving it timeless vitality.

Inspiration patina decor rust
Inspiration patina decor odd blades
Inspiration patina decor old concrete
Inspiration patina decor leather armchair
Inspiration patina decor leather suitcases

Associated colours:

Inspiration association colours decor leatherInspiration association colours decor ether
Inspiration association colours coral hazeInspiration association colours decor mauve shadows
Inspiration association colours decor golden palmInspiration association colours decor misty rose

For hotels, a romantic style - frescos and materials that have acquired a patina - works its magic on us. The time has come to venture into artisan markets! With manual arts being intrinsic to what we do, we adore the distinct character of the artistic craftsmanship of potters and stonemasons - unmatched elsewhere. Our strategy: opt for materials such as leather that age beautifully. The most creative, the most demanding individuals will try out their own creations to arrive at a result that reflects their tastes.  As our designers say: "The passage of time and the human hand work together to make our objects both unique and precious."

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