TERRITOIRES collection

Sierra Relief and a mineral touch

Redefining areas

Redefining areas

Each component within the Territoires collection (Limited Edition) has its own essence, and Sierra is no exception! This graphic and structured broadloom carpet draws its aesthetics from irregularity, like a mountain chain. Sierra is the ideal textile flooring for homes or hotels alike as its originality lies in its irregularity!

Contrary to the mountains it imitates so well, Sierra is a recent product that completes a collection set out to depict our surrounding environment: Territoires (Limited Edition). It is part of a family of products punctuated with structured textile floorings that graciously intertwine shiny and matt thread. Do not forget: Carnac, Jersey and Tanzanie.

Comfortable, calm and delightful
  • Carpets instantly create that relaxed, snug atmosphere customers are looking for in a hotel.
  • In the lobby, a beautiful, comfortable and durable carpet sets the tone for the kind of wellbeing experience your guest will enjoy throughout their stay.
  • In the hotel’s living area and bar, a carpet means that customers can make a quiet entrance, without causing others to stop and stare.
  • In bedrooms, an extra thick carpet is perfect for encouraging customers to kick off their shoes and make themselves at home. It is, without doubt, the best floor covering for a relaxing room.
Choose carpet for the best sound insulation
  • Suitcases with wheels, high heels, children running in the corridors… Noise is a nuisance that hotel guests dread the most.
  • Give them the gift of silence at breakfast time, during their afternoon nap and when they are relaxing after a busy day at work.
  • With a thick carpet, impact noise is reduced by 25 to 34 dB.
  • For hard flooring such as PVC, tiles or parquet to achieve the same level of noise reduction, it would need to be 60 cm thick!
  • Adding sound-proof inner layers under broadloom carpets or carpet tiles and strips provides even greater sound insulation. 
Luxury designer carpets that add colour to your hotel!
  • Colour affects the ambiance of a room, whether it’s a lobby, living area or bedroom.
  • Whether they are in broadloom, tile or strip format, carpets give you unbeatable creative freedom with their inexhaustible colour palettes, from patterned to printed and more.
  • Avoid light colours and instead opt for darker floorings, which are more durable and even more stylish.
  • Make your hotel unique by personalising your carpet colour and pattern, whether you are looking for corridor, lobby or bedroom carpets.
  • And how about giving each bedroom its own character using differently coloured carpets? 
Mark your territory!
  • Because your hotel is unique!
  • At Balsan we are expanding our range of custom broadloom carpets with the new Unique Territoire collection.
  • Choose a pattern or patterns and we will print them on our structured Sierra carpet from our broadloom carpet collection, Unique Territoire.
  • A high-quality choice, made from 100% polyamide fibres and with a pile weight of 1240 g/m².  
  • Custom carpets available for spaces from 400 m².
Sizes and colors available
18 colours
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18 colours 4 à partir des 4 m2 14 à partir des >400 m2
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Moquette Sierra IVOIRE011
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Louvre : 605
GRAND HOTEL collection
GRAND HOTEL collection
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GRAND HOTEL collection

Technical details


Tufted carpet, Level Cut Loop pile
100% Nylon
Weight of pile
1240 g/m²
Total weight (g/m²) - NF ISO 8543
2285 g/m²
Total thickness
8.7 mm
Height of pile
5.8 mm
Gauge - NF ISO 1763
Tightening - NF ISO 1763
177750 points/m²
Impact noise insulation
ΔLw 28 dB
Airborne noise absorption
αω 0.25
Antistatic velvet
Thermal resistance
0,17 m² C°/W


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TERRITOIRES collection
TERRITOIRES collection



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