Au bout du champ

Au bout du champs

Countryside as far as the eye can see with the village just next door,

fancy a new life?

Au bout du champ
Au bout du champ
Au bout du champ
Au bout du champ
Au bout du champ

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coquelicotvert prairie
vert poussebleu jean
brun ceramiquebeige lin
This rural fable invites you to discover the simple pleasures of yesteryear: picking apples in the orchard, harvesting vegetables in the kitchen garden and setting up large tables where friends and family can get together for a feast. The decor is sentimental, combining designer and second-hand items. The striking yet slightly subdued colours evoke simple textiles: linen, rustic cotton and... wildflower meadows! Working in the shade of a vast oak tree truly is the best!
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