Inspiration urbain deco panorama urbain flou

Urban life

City life panorama

Majestic architecture, bustling road networks, open green spaces : urban landscapes are representative of lifestyles. Romantic Paris, cosmopolitan New York and excessive Tokyo soar over Balsan's textile floorings, adorning our indoors with an urban touch.

Inspiration urbain deco maison moderne
Inspiration urbain deco central park
Inspiration urbain deco réseau routier
Inspiration urbain deco réseau routier nuit
Inspiration urbain deco panorama urbain immeubles

Associated colours:

Inspiration association couleurs deco cameo greenInspiration association couleurs deco olive ash
Inspiration association couleurs deco coffee liqueururban chic
Inspiration association couleurs deco copperInspiration association couleurs deco urban chic

We love a play on materials that opposes industrial charm with raw elements stemming from nature. A mixture of patina steel – often cold in appearance – and rustic wood, reflecting comfort and familiarity, warms up our homes. This trend can be seen both in the architecture of today's buildings and in interior decor. We can indeed note a proliferation of offices with a "mix and match" feel to them, just like the "Bosco Verticale" in Milan. Their purpose«mix and match» à la manière des «Bosco Verticale» à Milan. L’objectif: nature and urbanism no longer compete, but live harmoniously alongside one another to bring out the best in both.

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