Inspiration ciel terre deco arbrecoupe

View from the sky

Ode to the Earth

From infinitely large to infinitely small, nature transforms over the seasons. This life story has allowed the buds of our designers' ideas to bloom, giving a certain form of naturalness to their textile creations.

Inspiration sky earth decor treetop
Inspiration sky earth decor stone path
Inspiration sky earth decor leaf
Inspiration sky earth decor view from the sky
Inspiration sky earth decor mountains

Associated colours:

Inspiration association colours decor laurel wreathInspiration association colours decor alum stone
Inspiration association colours decor wood brownInspiration association colours decor sand
Inspiration association colours decor tierra del fuegoInspiration association colours decor shadow land

Nature and its soothing virtues are taking over the hustle and bustle of the city. With wildly poetic landscapes, beauty resides in imperfection. Far from standard, this trend relies on high-character materials (glass, wood, brick) that give rooms their DNA. To convey this trend appropriately, we like to be tempted by the atmosphere floating around flea markets, hunting for a few gems: bottles thrown to sea, restyled wooden pallets or mismatched brickwork. Dig into the depths of history by optingĀ  for buildings high in character. The goal: to sow touches of authenticity everywhere. Open the windows and let nature in!

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