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Given a fundamental shake-up by the digital revolution, physical spaces have had to radically reinvent themselves. Technology has broken down borders and opened up a continual stream of entertainment; everyone can communicate and interact continually.

Attracting the public, bringing people together, proving their worth in a digital world… these are key challenges faced by all those managing spaces designed to host the public, whether their purpose is commercial, administrative or community-based.

Shops, cinemas, casinos, libraries, concert halls, cruise ships, restaurants, bars, airports, public services…they are gradually all evolving to become genuine living spaces.

To prove themselves indispensable and stand out from the crowd, a space has to become unique; it has to offer a real experience designed around a powerful and original concept.

The premium experience must now live up to new expectations. Luxury and high-end brands have long relied on their well-honed expertise, timelessness and rarity, but now even they must evolve and embrace new values.

Millennials are always looking for something new, so to attract a younger, more inclusive client base every brand has to be unique and stand out from the crowd.

All contemporary research now points to the fact that the main expectation of these younger consumers is a customised experience. Whatever the sector, the recurring theme is all about creating tailor-made products, experiences and communications.

At Balsan, we have our finger on the pulse. We are here to help you respond to this demand by offering custom carpets and flooring solutions.



Creating a unique signature style for your interior

Any interior has simply got to be unique these days. It is essential to make each individual feel valued and looked after.

Customisation – of the space, the service, the experience – is a must. Communication and understanding are at the heart of this new relationship. Your floors and walls can be a powerful way of getting your message across.

A unique, custom carpet can signal your identity and help you stand out from the crowd, proudly showcasing your name and logo and even by expressing your values.

By placing strong emphasis on its expertise in digital textile printing, Balsan is pushing the boundaries of creativity even further to bring patterned carpets to your interiors. Our unrivalled technological expertise allows us to colour the fibres of our carpet right through, producing a high quality, durable floor covering that offers infinite design and customisation options.

Our dedicated customisation app enables you to choose a pattern, add the number of colours you want to it, and enter the appropriate dimensions. From the selection of colours to the confirmation of the order, everything is designed to enable you customise any interior.

With Balsan’s custom printed carpets, you can’t help but create an eye-catching effect!



Sustainable development: a core value for Balsan

To cater for an increasingly unpredictable and well-informed client base, it’s essential that you address all their concerns. Today’s consumers appreciate being treated as individuals and given personalised attention but they also need to feel a company’s values align with their own: transparency, kindness and, of course, sustainability. Even in the leisure sector, concern for the environment is omnipresent: locally produced and organic food, recycling, eco-friendly buildings and usage are now musts. 

When it comes to sourcing materials, it’s particularly important to be able to offer relevant concepts that are in line with the spirit of the times.

For example, by using innovative ECONYL® yarn in our carpets, Balsan is helping to address the urgent need to protect the oceans. In partnership with Aquafil, our long-standing supplier of polyamide yarn, Balsan is recycling used fishing nets recovered from the sea and transforming them into nylon fibre. They are reused in Balsan’s broadloom carpets, carpet tiles and planks.

Balsan uses cutting edge Mbrodery technology to create carpets with sophisticated embroidery-style patterns. Through our use of solution-dyed polyamide yarn we are able to create intricate patterned carpets that are optimally resistant to discolouration and staining.

All Balsan’s carpet tiles, carpets and innovative technological solutions are produced at our facilities in France. Our environmentally friendly carpets constitute a commitment to quality and contribute to that positive brand image that makes us stand out from the crowd.



Acoustic performance: Balsan meets the demand for quality and comfort 

Acoustic performance is one of the six essential requirements covered by the European construction products directive. Improving a busy interior’s acoustics is an invaluable way of making it a more pleasant place to be. Good acoustics can’t be faked!

Laying a Balsan carpet with a Balsan acoustic underlay is a solution to the relentless problem of noise pollution. The resonance of both impact noises (footsteps, bangs, etc.) and airborne noise (conversations, ringing phones, etc.) is highly dependent on flooring type and is naturally softened and absorbed by carpets.

Balsan is committed to offering the highest levels of comfort. That’s why all our broadloom carpets and carpet tiles provide optimal acoustic comfort and some of our products are even rated A++, the highest possible level of acoustic protection




At Balsan we keep our finger on the pulse of the market. We have developed our products to cater to different requirements so that we can offer every one of our consumers the flooring solution that is right for them. When it comes to appearance, technical performance and sustainability, Balsan carpets and carpet tiles are at the very cutting edge of creativity and innovation