Inspiration polaire deco aurore boreale

Northern lights

Winter sunshine

Since the dawn of time, the northern lights have been part of our world. Rays of light, devoid of human activity, trace incandescent and icy lines in the sky and inspire Balsan's range of cool colours with a flamboyant style.

Inspiration northern decor light painting
Inspiration northern decor Scandinavian houses
Inspiration northern decor bright sky
Inspiration northern decor light hand
Inspiration northern decor northern sky

Associated colours:

Inspiration association colours decor Atlantic blueInspiration association colours decor pale mauve
Inspiration association colours decor light greyInspiration association colours decor oil blue
Inspiration association colours decor olive ashInspiration association colours decor vaporous grey

Balsan suggests that you seek out light! In residential areas, lighting is essential and affects the overall atmosphere. Introducing a soothing or stimulating effect depending on the room in question, we need to tread carefully with light! A winning combination? Vary light sources and hues. Wide-spectrum light will be favoured in living rooms like kitchens, rather than subdued light, better suited for bedrooms. To convey a warm-cool atmosphere, pale colours strewn cleverly throughout the room are best. For a cool room with a hot style!

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