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Clic 45 x 91 cm LVT and carpet, a perfect partnership

The Clipsable 5G “click” system, designed for small surface areas

The Clipsable 5G “click” system, designed for small surface areas

Balsan has created this new and unique LVT flooring solution so you can play around with contrasting textures and formats. The shades and designs are all very natural-looking, making this range simply irresistible. Natural-effect tiles will sit well alongside the rich colours of our carpeting solutions. You’ll be inspired to see how well the wood and stone features work alongside textile flooring. You don’t need to choose between smooth-surface and textile flooring any more, now you can mix them up! The Clipsable 5G “click” system of Symbiance collection is perfect for small surface areas (maximum 100 m2). It’s really stable when fitted and lies very flat to the floor.

LVT flooring, a mellow warmth for hotels and homes
  • LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) floorings are naturally soft and warm as they have the benefit of being able to absorb ambient heat much more quickly than a stone floor. From the moment you wake up, place your bare feet on a Balsan carpet and make your way from the bedroom to the bathroom without worrying about the early morning cold. After work, head straight for the soothing haven that is your living room and revel in its cosy warmth. 
  • Insulating and high-performance, our LVT tiles and planks can be laid on a heated floor and will be your new best friend; you’ll want to use them in every room. 
  • Vinyl is a durable flooring option that will meet all your requirements for residential and hotel flooring, even in the kitchen.
  • Don’t put it off any longer! Give yourself the gifts of peace of mind and simplicity at home with our vinyl floorings.
Keep the air clean with durable vinyl floorings
  • Those plastic floorings that were popular in the 70's are out the door! The vinyl tiles and planks in Balsan’s LVT flooring collection are a real solid, healthy and practical alternative to laminate floorings and other linoleums.
  • The Symbiance collection offers LVT flooring solutions with a total VOC rate at 28 days of less than 250 µg/m3. This performance is mainly due to the lack of formaldehyde emissions. In addition, a protective layer makes it easy to clean modular LVT flooring, reducing the use of detergents, which are sources of Volatile Organic Compound emissions. This makes LVT perfect for laying in interiors used by young children (playrooms, crèches, leisure centres, etc.).
  • Our Click, Dry Back and Loose Lay flooring solutions have been tested in conformity with EU and international legislation to guarantee enduringly healthy indoor air quality.
Assemble, clip and you’re good to go!
  • Suitable for residential flooring, this adhesive-free installation system is quick and doesn’t necessarily require professional installation, even in hotels.
  • Perfect for small rooms up to 100m², Click LVT flooring can be used for new builds and refurbishment projects.
  • With Balsan’s Click flooring no adhesives are required, there’s no special handling to do and no traces of glue to remove. Just join the vinyl tiles or strips together and you’re done! You can use the interior space straight away.
  • Balsan has chosen a click system that is extremely effective: 5G guarantees robust clipping, great stability and a perfect hold with our Click vinyl flooring from the Symbiance collection.
  • In a hurry to enjoy your new click-in vinyl flooring? Have your LVT Symbiance – Click LVT flooring installed by an experienced professional or do it yourself… the choice is yours!
Simple maintenance for harmonious floors
  • Multi-format vinyl LVT floorings from the Symbiance collection boast a 0.55 mm Pur+ surface finish, making everyday maintenance of vinyl floorings easy in both offices and residential properties.
  • This extremely hardwearing wear layer acts as a final layer of protection against scratches, stains and discolouration, guaranteeing excellent durability and making your vinyl floor easy to clean.
  • The anti-bacterial and non-slip properties of Symbiance LVT flooring make it an excellent choice for hospitals, medical centres and childcare facilities.
  • Vinyl floors can be cleaned very easily with regular vacuuming and by using a damp mop and a neutral cleaning product.
Sizes and colors available
45,72 x 91,44
3 colours
Clic 45 x 91 cm - Compact Vinyle
Clic 17 x 121 cm - Compact Vinyle
3 colours 3 à partir d'1 carton
Clic 45 x 91 cm
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Moquette Clic  45 x 91 cm CALCAIRE610
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Wall ambiance
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90° 180° 270°
Customise laying
1. Select the tiles
2. Drag the tiles into the configuration tool
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Technical details


Total weight (g/m²) - NF ISO 8543
9000 g/m²
Total thickness
5 mm
Impact noise insulation
ΔLw 6 dB
Antistatic velvet
Thermal resistance
<= 27 m² C°/W






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