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Loose lay 100 x 100 cm LVT and carpet, a perfect partnership

The easily removable, “Loose lay” flooring system, perfect for refurbishments. 

The easily removable, “Loose lay” flooring system, perfect for refurbishments. 

Combine the features of two types of flooring to get the best of both worlds! Cosy and versatile, it’s perfect for modern interiors. Symbiance has the warmth of real wood flooring and the character of natural stone. It’s also really comfortable to walk on, meaning it can give carpet a run for its money! All these features blend together to create contemporary, chic and fashionable ambiances. The new Symbiance collection features two distinct designs: Wood (11 colours) and Stone (5 colours), which use a range of different shades that contrast with or match carpet. The different textures and colours complement each other and give any room a modern and sophisticated edge.  The tiles and planks work really well with Balsan carpet.


Contemporary décor with a natural vibe
  • Invite Mother Nature inside… Our innovative designer vinyl floorings are available in a range of natural looks, inspired by wood and stone. Wood and Stone are the two decorative textures at the heart of our contemporary vinyl flooring collection. They are available with three innovative installation systems (Click, Dry Back and Loose Lay) and are perfect for any interior space (offices, hotels, homes, cinemas, bars, shops, etc.).
  • Encapsulating all the beauty of wood and stone, the LVT collection Symbiance by Balsan blends innovation, durability and style.
  • Do you want to add pop to an interior space with colour or relief? Create a rug effect using Balsan carpet tiles or planks and mix textures and colours. A dazzling decorative effect guaranteed!
Loose Lay weighted LVT floorings - refurbishment without limits
  • Loose lay installation with our new generation modular LVT Loose Lay tiles and planks makes it easy to refurbish housing and hotels.
  • This system can be installed on a raised floor and allows you to remove tiles or strips individually, without major upheaval, putting interiors out of operation or disturbing occupants for long periods of time.
  • It offers unlimited possibilities when it comes to design as Loose Lay vinyl tiles and planks can be mixed with removable Balsan carpet tiles of the same dimensions (tiles of 50x50 cm, 100x100 cm and planks of 25x100 cm).
  • Loose Lay removable tiles are easy to install. Often, you can simply install LVT Loose Lay from the Symbiance collection on top of your existing flooring, perfect for refurbishing hotel bathrooms. 
Mix & Match: the latest flooring trend is a big relief!
  • Originally from the fashion world, the Mix and Match trend quickly spread to interior design and can now be seen in flooring too. Unlike the all-over look, which can often be seen as too conventional, combining styles brings relief to your flooring by mixing colours, patterns, formats and materials.
  • You can now use flooring to give your interior spaces a unique creative energy: create destructured flooring using Balsan carpets and LVT planks and play around with textures and colours. Are you up for the challenge?
  • Create carpet inserts and circulation areas, which will also help improve the acoustics of your interior space.
  • Tiles, planks, carpet or LVT, multi-coloured or monochrome floor, at home or in the office… now’s your time to shine!
LVT, the new generation accessible and high-performance modern flooring
  • Symbiance LVT flooring has unique superior qualities which make it an excellent choice for meeting all your needs and requirements at home or in public places: schools and offices or health, cultural, leisure and transport facilities. 
  • Install top-of-the-range, stylish and luxurious LVT modular flooring and create a look that is truly exceptional while looking after the health and wellbeing of the people you care about, and all without blowing the budget! The Symbiance collection of LVT planks and tiles guarantees a reasonable price for superior quality, for homes and public spaces. 
Sizes and colors available
5 colours
Loose lay 100 x 100 cm - Compact Vinyle
Loose lay 50 x 50 cm - Compact Vinyle
17 colours
Loose lay 25 x 100 cm - Compact Vinyle
Loose lay 17 x 121 cm - Compact Vinyle
5 colours 5 à partir d'1 carton de 2 m2
Loose lay 100 x 100 cm
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Laying direction
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90° 180° 270°
Customise laying
1. Select the tiles
2. Drag the tiles into the configuration tool
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Technical details


Total weight (g/m²) - NF ISO 8543
9050 g/m²
Total thickness
5 mm
Impact noise insulation
ΔLw 6 dB
Antistatic velvet
Thermal resistance
<= 27 m² C°/W





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